About Us

Mission Statement

Safeguard Risk Solutions serves all organizations wishing to reduce liabilities and improve the safety and security of their clients, employees, and assets.  We offer Security and Vulnerability Assessments, Emergency Response Plans, Training, and Exercises.  Although we are located in the United States, we serve clients nationally and around the world.


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Safeguard Risk Solutions uses the best practices and industry standards to offer services using traditional face to face customer service, as well as all technologies available on the market.  Our customers are provided with sustainable solutions that continue long after we have presented our deliverables, ensuring the highest value for their money.  Safeguard Risk Solutions strives to remain the leader in the industry, setting the standard for our products, our expertise, and our ethical behavior. Safeguard Risk Solutions is an industry leader because we come from the very organizations we serve.  Our real world experiences help our clients to not only reduce their exposure to liability, but also respond in times of a crisis.  As members of the community we serve, we offer our services at reasonable costs and we deliver our expertise at no cost to service organizations. Safeguard Risk Solution believes in hiring only the best in the industry.  Not only do we hire from the industries we serve, we are also hire retired first responders and veterans.  As individuals we may have our own areas of expertise, and as a company we are able to deliver solutions to all the organizations we serve.

Vision Statement

Safeguard Risk Solutions is the industry leader in helping organizations reduce their liabilities and prepare for natural and man-made critical events.  Using the Four Phases of Emergency Management, we help organizations meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Values Statement

  1. We exist to meet the needs of our clients.
  2. We provide only sustainable solutions.
  3. Our clients are clients for life. We will continue to provide support, long after we have met the conditions of our contracts.
  4. We believe in service to the communities we serve.
  5. We are only as strong as the people we hire.  We hire only the best and compensate them for what they bring to Safeguard Risk Solutions and our clients.
  6. Our word and our handshake are stronger than any contract ever written.

Gary L. Sigrist, Jr
CEO and President

p: 614.679.5608
e: Gary@SafeguardRiskSolutions.com