Free Is Good. Especially in School Safety.

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Gary's Blog

When I was young, my dad liked to remind me of an important life lesson: Free Is Good.

While Safeguard Risk Solutions is not a non-profit organization, the premise of my company is to be a resource to the people tasked with keeping schools safe – for free.

Throughout the Safeguard Risk Solutions website, you will find a variety of free resources:  The ability to have me answer your safety and preparedness questions, downloadable posters for you to print, and links to websites and platforms that offer additional free tools and resources.  While reading about safety and preparedness is vital, watching a School Safety Professional explain a variety of topics can pack a bigger punch – for you and for the staff with whom you’ll share this information.

I am proud to offer 11 on-demand videos of webinar presentations I’ve given.

And yes, these on-demand videos are being offered to you for free.

A variety of topics are available to you, including:

  • Threat Assessments: Developing Teams to Plan, Prevent, and Protect
  • Beyond Compliance: More than an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Threat Assessments to Prevent Targeted Acts of Violence
  • Threat Assessment and Threat Management in Schools

To preview the complete list of videos and gain access, please CLICK HERE.  The only information needed is your name and email address.  I know just how frustrating it is to have my inbox flooded with spam emails, so I guarantee that your privacy is respected and your personal information will never be sold.

Want More Free Safety and Preparedness Resources?

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