Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Mobile Emergency Response plan.
How was the content for the Education MERP developed?

The original content was developed with input from five Fire Departments, four Law Enforcement Agencies, the county office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and the County Board of Health.

What if we need to make changes to meet our needs or the requirements of local First Responders?

The beauty of the MERP is the content can be edited by the end users to meet their needs and requirements.

How much do we have to pay to set up the MERP and make edits?

There is no set up fee and changes can be made by the end users without any additional costs. Although we give instructions on how to make edits, we are also available to assist without any cost to the end user.

What if we are a business or healthcare organization that already has safety plans and only need something like the MERP to hold our own plans?

We can provide any organization with an ‘empty’ MERP they can use to input their own plans.

Can we include things like floor plans and utility shutoffs in the MERP?

Documents can be uploaded into the MERP by the end user.

Can the MERP be used if there is no power in our facility or if we lose internet connectivity?

Buyers of the MERP can download our free App for both Android and Apple products. As long as the device has power, users will have access to all of their plans, including documents stored in the MERP.

What if we want a hard copy of our plans?

The MERP has a print feature that will allow you to print a PDF copy of your plans for back up.

Is the MERP only used for safety information?

Although we designed the MERP to hold safety information, end users can add their own Guides with Tabs and Tasks created to meet their needs.

How much storage space does the MERP take up on a person’s device?

Storage is dependent on how many documents are stored. However, our tech company advises us that for most users, the MERP is about the size of the game, Angry Birds.

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