Mick Yinger


Michael W. Yinger
Vice President

p: 614.271.4981
e: Mick@SafeguardRiskSolutions.com

Michael “Mick” Yinger has more than 23 years of experience in law enforcement, serving the majority of his career working first as a narcotics officer and then as a decorated member of the Strategic Response Bureau (SRB)

Yinger launched Safeguard Risk Solutions in 2013 with his colleague and friend Gary Sigrist. He brings to Safeguard the experience of a seasoned police officer, along with a working knowledge of safety and security in the corporate world. Safeguard works with organizations internationally, including schools, churches, companies and public entities, to assess risk and help them prepare for emergency situations.

As vice president of Safeguard Risk Solutions, Mick trains both employees and customers on the use of an ‘All-Hazards’ approach to conduct security and vulnerability assessments. He speaks to businesses, schools, daycare centers and places of worship regarding methods to use to reduce liabilities to keep their children, customers, employees and members safe.

Before founding Safeguard, Yinger’s long career with the Columbus, Ohio Police Department included working closely with corporate, private, and government agencies to investigate, identify, and orchestrate the apprehension of individuals, gangs, and employees involved in thefts, extortion and other crimes against individuals and companies.

His experience in undercover surveillance operations includes strategic planning, technology selection/application, staffing, unit leadership, site security audits and documentation. Among the honors received for his work, Mick was given two Mutual Aid Awards for outstanding investigative work with local, state, federal and corporate enforcement and security specialists. He was also the recipient Mayor’s Award of Excellence, Columbus City Council Officer of the Month, and numerous letters of commendation.

Yinger proactively collaborated with management and front-line employees to develop and provide action plans that improved loss prevention strategies and outcomes. He educated employees on preventive measures to minimize external losses and controlled internal losses by monitoring physical inventory and financial transactions.

Before joining the police force, Yinger worked in loss prevention and risk management in the private sector.

He also served as an unarmed self-defense and boxing instructor for new cadets at the Columbus Police Training Academy.

Yinger took classes in criminal justice at Defiance College. He also completed training through the Central Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy and also trained with the Incident Command System for both schools and law enforcement. His specialized training includes courses in active shooter situations,  SWAT tactics, Quick Action Deployment (QUAD), ethics in law enforcement, identifying child predators and emergency operations all-hazard training, among many others.