Security and Vulnerability Assessments


Safeguard specializes in security and vulnerability assessments to help your organization calculate risk and reduce liability. By assessing your risk, you can potentially prevent some events from occurring, while mitigating liability for events that can’t be prevented. Based on our extensive, real-world experience in law enforcement and security, we can evaluate your needs and provide solutions, building on the best practices already in place in your organization and developing strategies to abate your vulnerabilities. Preserving the safety and security of your staff and customers is always our highest concern.

Adequate security measures will help prevent loss of service through terrorist acts, vandalism or pranks. If your facility is prepared, such actions may even be prevented. Using the industry standards and best practices, our team will conduct a security and vulnerability assessment that uses an all-hazards approach to protecting your customers and employees, as well as your assets. During the assessment, we measure and prioritize your risks. Our report includes more than just a list of problems to be addressed. We provide helpful solutions for you to implement that complement your current practices, whenever possible. We suggest involving your staff in the process and making sure security is the job of every employee in the organization.