See Something. Say Something. DO Something.

by | Apr 15, 2022 | FREE Downloads, Gary's Blog

As School Safety Professionals, we are focused on finding and using best-practices from each other to keep our students and staff safe.  Sometimes on our hunt for a new safety measure, we overlook a free resource that is right in front of us – Those very people we are tasked with protecting!  “See Something, Say Something” is not new, but including the third and most important step in that phrase is vital: DO SOMETHING.  

It is imperative that we teach our staff and students to “See Something. Say Something. DO Something.” so we are made aware of potential threats that may otherwise go undetected.  We must continue to rely on our staff and students to be our eyes and ears from the bus, to the classrooms, to social media platforms they visit at home.  It is also important to remind our students that their reports will be kept anonymous to protect them from any unwarranted backlash.  

Review the details of submitting a report of suspicious behavior or items with your staff and students:

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