When I was the Safety Director for South-Western City School District (OH), I was fortunate to have the support of my superintendent and a combination Professional Development funds and grant funding to attend school safety conferences. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have PD funds or grants. Schools are constantly required to do more with less and school safety faces the same issue.

I would love to tell you that every conference and seminar was worth the money spent and time out of the district. Unfortunately, that was not always the case. It takes little for people to call themselves a “School Safety Expert.” Although these experts can inflate their background and their experience, those who actually do the job quickly see through these charlatans. We would leave the training with nothing of real value and then have to explain to our superintendent we wasted both time and money. If you have enough of those experiences you quickly lose support when you want to attend other training opportunities.

I was asked to be the conference chairman of the 2017 National School Conference being held October 24th and 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada. With my own experiences as a guide, we developed an agenda that will exceed expectations of delegates attending the conference. The underlying theme of this year’s conference focuses on the Four Phases of Emergency Management: Prevention/Mitigation, Planning, Response, and Recovery. Delegates will hear from not only the real experts, but from colleagues who are in the same or similar positions at their own schools. Practitioners, if you will. You will hear how they work to keep their students and staff safe with the same budget restraints, testing requirements, and lack of time for training. Best of all, delegates attending the training will have the opportunity for hands on activities; they will take back resources they can use immediately when they return to their schools. There will also be the opportunity to network with other delegates.

As with most conference, vendors will be present for delegates to get an up close look at products and school services used across the country to keep staff and students safe.

Please join us this January for the 2017 National School Response Conference. For registration information and a complete look at our agenda, please visit our web site at:

School Response Conference