The Value of FREE Saves Lives in School Safety

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Gary's Blog

The Value of 
Saves Lives
in School Safety


As a retired school administrator,

I understand the value of FREE.

I started reading Campus Safety magazine back in 2008 when I was promoted into the position as the school district safety director. With a limited security budget, I liked that the monthly magazine was free.  Although Campus Safety magazine is no longer being printed, all the same information is available online with their free subscription.

School Safety and Preparedness saves lives. This is why I collaborate with Campus Safety magazine.  The work Campus Safety continues to do is so important that I am pleased to be a featured Expert on Campus Safety’s online partner Campus Safety HQ.  The Campus Safety HQ is another free resource full of articles, instructional videos, and on-demand training focusing on school safety and preparedness.  I like to think of Campus Safety HQ as a virtual, on-demand School Safety Conference that has no registration or accommodation fees.  Schools can utilize this platform to educate their staff at no cost by creating a free account.  Topics that are featured on Campus Safety HQ include “Active Shooter, Compliance, Mental Health, Physical Security, Emergency Management, and All Hazards Emergency Operation Plans.”

I continue to develop virtual on-demand trainings for Campus Safety HQ – many of which come with downloadable documents that can be used any time by School Districts.  My ‘Redefining the Role of Law Enforcement in School Safety’ training is currently being featured on the Campus Safety HQ homepage.  This virtual training provides an overview of the history of law enforcement in our schools, how it has evolved and changed over the past 20 years, and what is needed to make sure Schools are safe.  The training also includes a free School Resource Officer (SRO) Evaluation document that Administrators can download and use within their own Schools and Districts.

Also available on Campus Safety HQ is my training on how to conduct a Security and Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) with the help of local First Responders and free tools from the US Department of Education and other government agencies at little or no cost.  The objectives for my ‘Conducting a Security and Vulnerability Assessment For Your District or Campus’ training include:

1. Learn where to access free tools and checklists to conduct an SVA for their district or campus.

2. Be able to differentiate between a Security and Vulnerability Assessment and a Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA).

3. Understand how working with First Responders will enhance their SVA by using the specialized training of Crime Prevention their local Law Enforcement and knowledge of Fire Codes from their local Fire Department.

4. Develop the skills to conduct SVAs for their district and campus and train others in their organization to also conduct SVAs.

This is information every School, District, and College Campus can have in their resource library
at no cost.

To have access to all my trainings, and additional trainings from other Safety Experts, create a free account with Campus Safety HQ by visiting the website and completing the required fields.  As a member, you will be able to watch trainings, download training supplements, save trainings to watch and re-watch an unlimited number of times.

If you have questions about Campus Safety HQ or have a request for a future training topic, please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.  My goal is to develop School Safety and Preparedness content that is timely, relevant, and useful to Administrators and their Staff.

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