Workplace Violence Prevention

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Gary's Blog

From angry parents of school-aged children to frustrated family members of hospital inpatients, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cause of an increase in workplace violence in a variety of settings.  Teachers and healthcare workers have been pushed to their breaking points across the country because of this rise in violence and threats of violence.  Beyond facility security and mitigating setting-related risk factors, workplace violence prevention begins with employees.

Employees are an integral part of the security solution in violence prevention:

  • Employees are amongst the first people to know the personal history of individuals that may have an increased risk for violent behavior including a history of violence, drug-use, or gang affiliations.
  • Employees must understand their role in mitigating violence, including situational awareness.
  • Employees are responsible for attending training and participating in exercises to increase preparedness.

Mitigating Client / Customer / Patient Violence

Utilizing the De-Escalation Process
Many targeted attacks can be prevented and information about a subject’s ideas and plans for violence can be observed or discovered before harm can occur.  However, if a threat is imminent, using the De-Escalation Process is essential in preventing acts of physical violence.

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